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Beat bank and competitor rates

Simple, safe and secure

Australian owned & ASIC regulated

What We Offer

Forex Sport is A cheaper better way to send your money worldwide...

We convert your money into 40+ currencies...

We transfer to over 100+ countries...

Australian owned... 

ASIC Regulated...


Asset Purchases/Sales

We live in a global world where the success of your business may require you to invest in other parts of the world.

Be it purchasing or selling land, buildings or even another company, Forex Sport helps ensure your investment returns stay in your pocket instead of paying unnecessarily high foreign exchange costs to the major banks.

Forex Sport educes your foreign exchange costs and secures the best exchange rate possible. By getting better exchange rates when you transfer money internationally, means a higher return on your investment.


FX Risk

At Forex Sport, we understand that business interacts globally and therefore has cash flows across multiple currencies that need to be managed.

Forex Sport can help you with your foreign exchange risk management so you understand your exposure and put in place a plan that is essential for your business’ success.

For many businesses, foreign exchange risk is the risk that a business's financial performance or position will be affected by the fluctuations on the FX rate between currencies.

FX risk should be managed where fluctuations in exchange rates impact the business profitability.


Paying International Suppliers

We live in a world where we purchase goods and services not only domestically, but internationally as well. When we pay overseas suppliers, we need to convert our local currency into our overseas supplier’s currency

Forex Sport specialises in making international payments to suppliers by providing an easy, secure and cost-effective solution in making those international currency transfers.

The Forex Sport business foreign exchange rates are known for its consistently low spreads allowing businesses to pay their suppliers using less local currency and putting more money to their bottom line.


Paying Staff

Many businesses have offices and staff located globally, and as such need to pay them in that local currency.

Employees want to have the confidence their pays are there when they expect and not to be let down by international payment transfers. Forex Sport understands the importance of staff getting paid on time and as such can act like an extension to your business making the payment to staff globally a quick, easy and efficient process.


Receiving International Payments

When selling products overseas, you may receive payments in international currencies.

It is hard enough making the money, so it is important you don’t pay up to 5% in transferring that money to other providers.

At Forex Sport, we want you to build your bottom line, not paying unnecessary fees which goes to your other currency provider. Forex Sport will ensure you always will get a competitive currency transfer rate that adds to your bottom line, not your banks.



When operating in a global environment, the need to pay for taxes and fees becomes a part of life.

Taxes may be levied unexpectedly or a miscalculated tax obligation may need to be paid hastily.

Whatever the tax or fee that needs to be paid, either expected or not, Forex Sport can help you make these international payments quickly, cost effectively and importantly securely.

More from Forex Sport

Forex Sport provides much more to our customers than an easy-to-use and full-featured FX transfer platform.  

We also provide live rates and FX charts and economic news and holiday data for our customers.  Register for free today to access it immediately.

Live FX Rates

Keep up to date on the FX market with live real-time rates.

Rates provided are indicative, inter-bank, mid-market rates

Economic News

Live FX News Data can be accessed to see what events and holidays are coming up which may affect your FX needs.

Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 7.12.51 am.png

Historical FX Charts

Historical FX rates are available on our Customer Portal with easy to use tools to assist with your FX research and analysis.

Live FX (Market) Rates

Amounts are based off the mid-market inter-bank rate and are offered for indicative purposes only.

Rates are subject to change.

For full access to Live FX Rates, Economic News and Historical FX Charts

Ways to Send Money

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Online Portal

Forex Sport clients can log in to the secure online portal 24/7.

Log in using your unique username and password.


When you want to make an FX transfer, simply select the currency you're selling and buying, enter the amount, fill in the beneficiary's bank details and purpose of the payment.


Staff Assisted

Telephone to speak to one of our dealers on 03 9008 1880.

Send an email to

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Forex Sport Support

Need help with your Foreign Exchange transactions?

We're here to help.


Speak to a person in Australia or, if you like, contact us online or via live support chat.

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