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Beat bank and competitor rates

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Australian owned & ASIC regulated

What We Offer

Forex Sport is A cheaper better way to send your money worldwide...

We convert your money into 40+ currencies...

We transfer to over 100+ countries...

Australian owned... 

ASIC Regulated...



Professional athletes competing internationally are often faced with foreign earning issues, ranging from exchange rates to currency accounts and tax implications.

Some even try and bring money home in their luggage, only to be caught by authorities and fined.

At Forex Sport we have a better solution. You earn money overseas, we organise for this income to be converted and credited to your nominated bank account when the exchange rate is at its best for you. We do this without charging the layers of fees that the others do.


Sports Teams

Whether it be touring another country, high altitude training in the Alps or sports science staff gaining further insight abroad, Australian sporting tours are potentially exposed to currency rate fluctuations and expensive banking fees.

Forex Sport can help Australian sporting teams with FX risk management solutions and reduce its foreign currency costs by providing lower FX rates.

Spend money on winning, not bank fees.


Sporting Tours

Our sporting travel and tour clients have seen a growing demand from Australians to attend world class events such as the US Masters, the Tour de France and the Super Bowl.

However, with transportation, accommodation and ticket costs all in foreign currency it is critical that companies protect themselves from FX risk which can erode profits. Moreover, no-one wants to pass on an increase in costs to their clients at a later date!

Forex Sport can deliver a range of FX risk management solutions including using FX forwards and FX options to ensure that you focus on delivering the perfect trip of a lifetime without the uncertainty of currency movements and excessive banking fees.


Sponsorship and Events

The best sporting events often have competitors from all over the world. Whether it's appearance money or prize money, sometimes there is a need to pay and receive funds in other currencies.

Forex sport has the ability to receive funds in different currencies and to pay over 100 countries worldwide.

Please contact our dealing desk who will help you reduce the cost and hassles of your foreign exchange.

With our extensive experience in Foreign Exchange and our aim for excellence in customer experience, we secure you the best exchange rate possible.

Whether it is a one off transaction or numerous international payments or receipts, Forex Sport moves your money for less.


Importers & Exporters

Our sporting importer and exporter clients rely on Forex Sport's ability to mitigate their FX risk on the purchase and sale of goods.

In addition, our global payment expertise ensures that suppliers are paid quickly and efficiently without the excessive costs charged by the banks.

Give our specialists a call now and see how Forex Sport makes it easier for you to do business around the world.

More from Forex Sport

Forex Sport provides much more to our customers than an easy-to-use and full-featured FX transfer platform.  

We also provide live rates and FX charts and economic news and holiday data for our customers.  Register for free today to access it immediately.

Live FX Rates

Keep up to date on the FX market with live real-time rates.

Rates provided are indicative, inter-bank, mid-market rates

Economic News

Live FX News Data can be accessed to see what events and holidays are coming up which may affect your FX needs.

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Historical FX Charts

Historical FX rates are available on our Customer Portal with easy to use tools to assist with your FX research and analysis.

Ways to Send Money

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Online Portal

Forex Sport clients can log in to the secure online portal 24/7.

Log in using your unique username and password.


When you want to make an FX transfer, simply select the currency you're selling and buying, enter the amount, fill in the beneficiary's bank details and purpose of the payment.


Staff Assisted

Telephone to speak to one of our dealers on 03 9008 1880.

Send an email to

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Forex Sport Support

Need help with your Foreign Exchange transactions?

We're here to help.


Speak to a person in Australia or, if you like, contact us online or via live support chat.

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